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A telescopic door system provides the ultimate space-saving solution for wide openings. A telescoping door actually consists of a series of doors that open and retract, which allow for a larger automatic opening than your conventional sliding door. This type of door system is ideal for wide openings, for facilities that see heavy traffic flow, and for spaces where traffic flow directly impacts user's safety.

Our inventory of telescoping doors feature a digital control panel and self-controlled luminosity; an incorporated traffic analyzer; infrared remote control; airlock management; auto-controlled infrared barrier, and much more.

We pride ourselves on providing our customers variety and choice. Our Diva telescoping doors feature a wide variety of finishes, leaves, and glazing, which allows an architect to design an entrance of their choosing, without worrying if the door system will match their needs.

Managing with intelligence ingoing and outgoing movements, these doors are particularly convenient for all public places with heavy traffic and where user's safety depends on traffic flow.

Features of our telescoping doors

There's a reason why we remain the #1 telescoping door Florida company - we provided the best product and customer service you can find.
Our doors feature 2 or 4 leaves with an opening high maximum of 98". In keeping with the need for variety, we offer doors with adjustable opening speeds ranging from 4 to 39 inches per second, and closing speeds of 4 to 12 inches per second.

Could you benefit from telescoping doors?

Our doors are used by a number of buildings, from small businesses to massive public facilities. Some of the most common customers of a telescoping door system include:

  • Banks
  • Airports
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Research laboratories
  • Lighted display incorporated into the cover
  • And much more...

Deciding what type of door you need is just one step in the entire process. It takes special care and consideration to determine the exact style of door that meets your needs. Our customer service representatives are capable of helping you come to a conclusion on which style door is best suited for your facility. Allow us to show you why we remain South Florida's number one seller of telescopic doors.