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Swing Doors with ISO Operator

If you're looking to transform manual doors into automatic doors, you'll want to enlist the work of the ISO Operator.

The ISO is gorgeous, strong, compact and discreet. It will transform any manual door into an automatic door, either in push or pull version, with the opening either on the left or right side.

The versatility of the ISO Swing Doors Operator is a marvel. It can adapt to any type of door, whether you're installing new doors into your facility, or making upgrades and renovations.


Your swing doors will feature the following:

  • A smooth cover design with easy installation and a strong sense of security
  • Durability - It can handle up to 250kg (on the pushing version), yet is somehow miraculously compact
  • Functionality - the ISO has a self-learning, Push & Go function, a special function for windy areas, a master/slave function for double doors, and the ability to be connected to numerous safety devices.

Swing doors are aesthetically pleasing, inviting to visitors and customers, and serve a function - they allow for increased traffic flow, particularly for facilities and places that incur heavy traffic.

Amazing Doors & Hardware are South Florida's leading provider of ISO Operators for Swing Doors. We have the experience and expertise to help you find the right door and hardware choices for your facility or project. Our customer service representatives make this process quick and pain-free, so that you can focus your time, money, and energy where it matters most - your project.

Allows us to show you how the ISO Operator for Swing Doors might benefit your facility. We will discuss your needs, the purpose of your facility, as well as the budget you are working with. We will then help you come to a decision on what are the best options for you and your facility.