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DIVA Round and Curved doors

Automatic round doors, and automatic curved doors, are beautifully designed doorways that not only serve an aesthetic purpose, but serve a highly functional purpose as well.

These doors are popular choices among a variety of public-space facilities, including spas, casinos, restaurants and hotels. Regardless of your facility, one thing is certain - if you're looking to offer an atmosphere of prestige and class, Diva's round and curved doors send the message you're after.

What do these doors offer?

Regardless of if you want automatic round doors, or automatic curved doors, Diva offers you the best performance, comfort and safety:

  • Airlock management
  • Infrared remote control
  • Auto-control infrared barrier
  • Locking device through infrared key
  • Digital control panel and self-controlled luminosity
  • Incorporated traffic analyser
  • Lighted display incorporated into the cover

We offer you a wide choice of finished, leaves and glazing for your round and curved doors. This provides any architect an unparalleled level of freedom and choice in designing and entrance that they want, while still providing safer and comfortable conditions for your visitors and customers.

  • You can choose from 1 or 2 leaves, with a maximum leaf weight of 1x330 lbs or 2/220 lbs.
  • Adjustable opening speed of 4 to 39 inches per second
  • Adjustable closing speed of 4 to 12 inches per second
  • Adjustable opening time of 1 to 15 seconds

As South Florida's most respected steel commercial door supplier, Amazing Doors & Hardware has long been considered the premiere provider of automatic round doors and automatic curved doors.

Allow our customer service representatives to discuss with you the many options you have, as well as the specific parameters of your project or facility. Our representatives are experienced in matching you with the appropriate round and curved doors you need, quickly, and within budget. Come discover why we are South Florida's number one source for commercial doors and hardware.